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Reimagining the way healthcare connects.


pCare partners with hospitals to build patient engagement, education, and entertainment solutions that make patients’ experiences better and staffs’ lives easier.

It all started with a TV in a patient room nearly 70 years ago. But as technology and healthcare have changed, we have evolved alongside our clients, to better serve our partners and, in turn, help them take better care of their patients.

Now a leader in interactive patient experience solutions, we understand that each system, each hospital, each clinic is unique—with distinct needs, challenges, and goals. We, therefore, partner closely with our clients, not just to understand these differences, but to help them design, implement, and grow a system the right way, at the right time, with features that matter—and with innovative funding options that make sense.

  • Seamless Integration
    Across inpatient, ambulatory, and at-home care settings, the pCare technology platform integrates with the EMR to provide manual or fully automated workflows via real-time interface feeds.
  • Stress-Free Implementation
    Turnkey solution minimizes patient disruption during deployment, which takes on average fewer than 60 days. Post-deployment, our fully defined approach fosters fast and easy staff adoption.
  • Driving Adoption & Utilization
    Customized best practice approach comprises ongoing staff training and patient education, workflow integration to make clinicians’ lives easier, and real-time data monitoring for ongoing improvements.
  • Specialized Populations
    pCare delivers personalized user experiences for key patient populations including adult and pediatric inpatient, oncology, ambulatory care, outpatient clinics and dialysis centers, as well as nursing homes and rehabilitation facilities.
  • Real Right-Timed Solutions
    We’re investing in compelling applications, analytics to drive performance improvement and patient satisfaction beyond the patient room; partnering as part of the R&D process with our enterprise clients.

pCare has changed the face of healthcare for hundreds of leading hospitals and health organizations and millions of patients. We invite you to discover how.


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