Patient Experience

Here, it’s all about them. And you. pCare takes personalizing the patient experience to a whole new level. From messaging and education content to real-time feedback, each patient experience is unique and driven by orders, diagnosis, patient actions—and the commitment to superior patient care we share with our hospital partners.

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Staff Empowerment

Because an engaged patient equals an empowered staff. By empowering the patient to become an engaged participant in their care—through connection, education, and communication—pCare empowers your staff, enabling them to provide care at the highest level.

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It’s about leveraging the power of positive distraction. A pCare interactive patient experience system is a powerful tool with the potential to leverage patient engagement and the healing potential of positive distraction. Studies show that positive distractions reduce a patient’s pain, anxiety, stress, fatigue, and distress.

Imagine: Floors of positively distracted patients requiring fewer resources from your staff. Fewer call-buttons ringing. Fewer requests for medication before they are due. The end result: Happier, healthier patients—and a happier, more productive nursing staff.

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