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Discharge/Care Transition

Focused on reducing readmissions.

When a patient is about to be discharged, what they know about their condition, follow-up care, treatment and services—and what your staff knows about the patient—can mean the difference between a successful outcome and a readmission. Building pCare’s education, discharge and feedback tools into the patient workflow helps to improve patient care transition and reduces the risk of readmission.


On-Demand Medication Teaching

Deliver text-based education to patients about their medications to help patients understand, and adhere to, their medication protocol after discharge.


Education Comprehension

When a patient completes an educational video, they’re prompted to answer a few questions to ensure they understand their condition—and required follow-up care—before they leave your facility.


Education Tracking

Document patient education viewing for improved workflow and compliance when pCare is integrated with your EHR.


Discharge Planning Tool

Make sure a soon-to-be discharged patient has what they need for a successful transition—from at-home resources to follow-up doctor’s appointments and pharmaceutical and durable medical equipment prescriptions.


Continuum of Care

Patients may continue to access personalized education content and messaging at home on their smartphone, tablet or desktop via an email or text link to a landing page.


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