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An educated patient is an engaged patient.

And engaged patients can have better outcomes. From on demand, multilingual content about their condition, treatments and medications to ensuring they understand the information—and tracking it all—the pCare platform provides personalized education for your patient population that integrates seamlessly with your EMR for easier compliance. pCare provides access to more than 3,000 evidence-based educational videos from top content producers—with unlimited swap out every 90 days—as well as support for the creation and utilization of content by our hospital partners.


Personalized Bundles

We work collaboratively with you to recommend a content bundle based on your population, facility, Magnet and health literacy requirements. Multilingual content can be tailored to a patient’s cognitive and physical abilities.


On-Demand Medication Teaching

Deliver text-based education to patients about their medications to help increase their understanding and adherence. It’s all part of a patient-specific care plan best practice approach that allows you to prescribe patient education by caregiver or automatically based on diagnosis.


Specialized Populations

pCare delivers personalized user experiences for key patient populations including adult and pediatric inpatient, oncology, ambulatory care, outpatient clinics and dialysis centers, as well as nursing homes and rehabilitation facilities.


Education Comprehension

When a patient completes an educational video, they’re prompted to answer a few questions. Their responses can be sent to a caregiver, saved in a database or entered into the medical record. pCare provides real-time updates throughout the process—and alerts you via EHR or clinician message if comprehension falls below a threshold or a video isn’t viewed completely.


Seamless Integration

Fully interoperable with any electronic health record system, pCare can be integrated into patient care pathways manually by the clinician who chooses the content and confirms its delivery, automatically via EHR data feeds—or through a hybrid configuration that includes both. With pCare, the choice is yours.

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