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Cleaner, more quiet—and in control.

Enabling patients to control their environment is empowering: There’s something to be said for being able to turn on a light or turn up the heat without needing a caregiver to do it. It is proven to increase patient satisfaction with their care environment—while decreasing call-button requests for your nursing staff. That’s the thinking behind the pCare platform environmental features.


Room Control

Give patients the ability to control temperature, lighting and shades from a pillow speaker or tablet.


Quiet Time

Reduce ambient noise levels to improve patient experience and satisfaction.


White Board

From providing information on the patient care team and daily schedules to offering a place for a patient to keep their own notes, this feature delivers a more personalized, informed experience.


On-Demand Entertainment

Leverage the power of positive distraction with on-demand movies, live and cable TV programming, relaxation videos—and more.


Welcome Video

Connect with new patients, help them become more comfortable with the hospital environment—and provide important safety information.


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