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Open and close the loop more efficiently than ever.

How quickly a patient receives assistance from your staff (both clinical and nonclinical) can make all the difference to their satisfaction—and your HCAHPS survey results. The pCare interactive patient experience platform provides the tools patients need to connect with your staff (and vice versa) so they get what they need, right when they need it.


Service & Meal Requests

Ordering a meal at any time, adjusting the thermostat or requesting to have a spill cleaned up: A patient or caregiver can easily make these nonclinical requests via pCare, increasing their satisfaction—and decreasing call-button requests that pull nurses away from clinical duties.


On-Screen Notifications

Need to send an important message or notification to a patient? pCare’s on-screen notification feature makes it simple (and seen).


Real-Time Patient Feedback

Provide staff with the tools they need to capture the voice-of-the-patient—and take real-time action to move the patient experience needle in a positive direction.


Integrated IPS + Rounding

pCare’s integrated platform captures the voice-of-the-patient and delivers actionable insights into the patient experience and outcomes across the continuum of care.

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