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Staff Empowerment

An engaged patient equals an empowered staff.

By empowering the patient to become an active participant in their care—through connection, education, and communication—pCare empowers your staff, enabling them to provide care at the highest level. They’re spending more time doing what they were trained to do (what they love to do) and it shows: in better quality care, increased patient satisfaction, and improved staff productivity.


Workflow Optimization

Make every minute count. pCare helps to reduce unnecessary workload and enhance nurses’ workflow, improving the quality of care and the patient experience in the process.

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Integrated IPS + Rounding

And the survey says… pCare improves the effectiveness and efficiency of the rounding process with an integrated platform that works for your patients—and your productivity.

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We understand your challenges—and how to solve them.

Administration + Leadership

Improve productivity and profitability, strengthen market share and reputation, reduce costs.

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Patient Experience + Clinical Care

Elevate the patient experience, improve HCAHPS, and empower staff with minimal disruption.

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Deliver an easily integrated, secure, and scalable system with 100% uptime and 24/7 support.

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Engage patients, donors, and community to build awareness, engagement, and market share.

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Keep costs and downtime low, productivity and stakeholder satisfaction high.

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