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Integrated IPS + Rounding

And the survey says…

There’s no question: Going ‘round on the patient is the key to not only helping ensure patient satisfaction throughout the hospital stay, but also to reducing the risk of readmission. Whether you’re engaging your patients through the interactive patient system or rounding at the bedside, the integrated solution provides a seamless platform for driving actionable insights from patient (and staff) feedback.


Personalized Solutions

Combine our turnkey templates—such as patient experience, discharge checklist, leader rounding, environment, food and nutrition, infection control and more—with customized rounds you create and deploy for a solution that’s tailored to your facility, or a department or provider.


Continuum of Care

Capture feedback throughout all points of care with preadmission direct-to-mobile surveys, inpatient and pre-discharge rounding, post-discharge direct-to-mobile surveys, and on kiosks in waiting areas and clinics.


End-to-End Solution

Consolidate data from all points of care into a single view: Check the status of open requests and alerts triggered by patients in rounds as well as the videos assigned versus those viewed; close open alerts and assign new video content from the rounding tool.


One Dashboard

By providing one dashboard/platform for all interactions including feedback, service requests, education and utilization, clinical teams can save time and gain more comprehensive, meaningful insights into their patients.


Real-Time Patient Feedback

pCare rounding collects real-time patient data from any web-enabled device, notifies care team members of any negative responses and provides a closed-loop process for documentation and compliance.


EMR Integration

Integrate pCare with your EMR to easily select patients during rounds, narrow the list of patients to a round based on nurse assignment or procedure, streamline the discharge process, quantity and trigger post-discharge transition.


Full Suppport

As a fully integrated part of pCare, staff can benefit from the 24/7 call center and onsite support of the pCare platform. This means staff can always access help for any potential issues from one source


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