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Workflow Optimization

Making every minute count.

Pulling a nurse away from clinical duties to adjust a thermostat, dim the lights or repeatedly review medication instructions isn’t good for patient care—or your workflow. pCare helps to reduce unnecessary workload and enhance nurses’ workflow, improving the quality of care and the patient experience in the process.


Patient Education & Communication

From medication teaching and environmental controls to requesting assistance from nonclinical and clinical staff, pCare provides patients with tools they need to connect, communicate and educate themselves, improving workflow in the process.


Real-Time Patient Feedback

Provide staff with the tools they need to capture the voice-of-the-patient—and take real-time action to move the patient experience needle in a positive direction. If action isn’t taken, pCare can remind staff to respond with a predetermined action plan.


Customizable Clinical Pathways

Create and implement patient workflows to support major diagnoses and help ensure the patient experience is always relevant to their stay and care. With up to 18 patient workflows that are personalized to your facility, the pathway can be selected manually by the clinician or fully automated via real-time interface feeds.


Actionable Analytics

pCare’s real-time analytics put you in the driver’s seat to understand key areas of improvement—and how to get there. Seamlessly integrated with your electronic health record system, our configurable dashboard means that out-of-the-box you can easily set the priorities to support your workflow and reporting needs.


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