pCare Cloud

The IPS solution designed for smaller hospitals and satellite facilities

Now smaller facilities can leverage all the benefits of an interactive patient system (IPS)—affordably and simply—with pCare Cloud, the first cloud-based solution designed specifically for smaller hospitals and satellites. Available exclusively from industry leading IPS provider pCare, pCare Cloud delivers the low-cost and low-resource impact a smaller facility’s operating environment demands.


Secure Environment

The pCare system is housed on our secure Azure Cloud, making it ideal for smaller hospitals and satellite offices without the infrastructure or internal resources to support a dedicated IPS system server.


Seamlessly Integrated

pCare leverages your existing technology so it integrates seamlessly with your key systems HIT—including EMR—so your staff can hit the ground running: There’s no need for them to learn new tools or processes.


Personalized Education

With more than 3,000 evidence-based videos from top content producers, the pCare platform provides multilingual on-demand and prescribed education for adult and pediatric populations that is integrated with your EMR for easier compliance.


Tailored Messaging

Share important information with patients and family members with messaging and on-screen display features. The message pops up on the screen without interrupting the viewing experience. Personalize the message for an individual patient to optimize workflow—or at the room, floor, unit, or building level to support initiatives such as fall reduction. You can even prompt for a response before the system moves forward to entertainment to ensure patient engagement.


Real-Time Patient Feedback and Service Recovery

pCare equips staff with the tools they need to capture the voice-of-the-patient—and take real-time action to move the patient experience needle in a positive direction.


Simple, Low-Cost Solution

With pCare Cloud, there are no video servers to support, no virtual machines to set up to run the IPS software. We leverage your existing connectivity—ethernet or wireless—so implementation is simple and stress free.


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